My goal is to awaken that LION within you. Every goal, every dream, and every aspiration MUST be achieved. I'm here to motivate, empower and thrust you into your designated greatness!

About Me

Walt has been a motivational speaker for almost as long as he can remember. Even from a young age, he carried an innate ability to speak with power and forceful enthusiasm. Growing up, he found his gift of gab a powerful tool for change and reformation among the many he has befriended and encountered. Today, Walt eats, sleeps, lives and breathes the motto "There Is No Failure." 

Be Exceptional!

No one was born to fail.

No one was born to lose.

No one was born to break. 

I believe we were all created with an untapped fountain inside to conquer, succeed, and overcome EVERY obstacle, adversity, and challenge. 

When we tap that fountain, we can cause every part of our greatness to overflow into every part of our lives!

The 7 Fears Of Influence Available Now!

Be Empowered to Conquer Your Fear!

 As much as we have investigated the things that have drawn successful people to influence, we have never explored what they AVOIDED to remain in an influential position. Naturally, we tend to be drawn to success and influence, and all that comes with it. However, once we set out on the path to get there, we quickly find that there is more to this than waking up and simply being great at what we do. As many tasks and practices as there are to embrace to become successful, there are equally as many that we should avoid AT ALL COSTS. This book will inform you and empower you to over come your fear with ease and without hesitation. 

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